The real original lyrics of ‘Do you hear the people sing?’

The real original lyrics of ‘À la volonté du peuple’ (known in English as ‘Do you hear the people sing?’) are from Alain Boublil who composed the song with Claude-Michel Schönberg for the musical adaptation in 1980 of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Many new adaptations have been made since the 80’s until recently, when the … Continue reading The real original lyrics of ‘Do you hear the people sing?’

Ῠοζροσοττῠο – 百字明咒 – Vajrasattva

Ωμ Ῠοζροσοττῠοσομοῐομ ενυπαλοῐοῨοζροσοττῠοτῠῃνωποτισθὀΝτρνθὠ μῃ μφεῠεΣῠτωσἰο μῃ μφεῠεΣυπωσἰο μῃ μφῠεΕνυροκτω μῃ μφεῠεΣορῠο σινθθιμ μῃ προῐοθθθεΣορῠοκορμοσῠθθε μῃ θθιττο ϸρειο' κῠρῠ γουμΓα γα γα γα γο'Μφογκεῠονσορῠο Τοτθαγκοτο Ῠοζρομα μῃ μῠνϊθθεῨοζρο μφεῠεΜεγασομοῐο σοττῠο α'

Holy Thursday in Times of Covid-19

This year, on most of the planet, Easter takes place in peculiar circumstances. I don’t know what celebrations will be expected within the different existing churches, nor the festivities planned by the Catholic church. But what may be an object of opportune meditation for everyone in the situation of covid-19 global outbreak, is the evening … Continue reading Holy Thursday in Times of Covid-19

IME Cantonese (CPIME) Input for Windows 10

I don’t usually publish geek posts or material, and this short explanation is made for IME Cantonese (CPIME) users. For those who don’t know what this is about, it is a keyboard input based on Jyutping (or Yale) phonography designed to output Traditional Chinese characters based on Cantonese pronunciation. I have been constantly bugged by … Continue reading IME Cantonese (CPIME) Input for Windows 10

Past Participle Agreement in French: Aristocracy of Complexity

Almost every year, we hear or read the same question among French speakers: should we keep that complex grammar rule about past participle agreement when used with a passé composé [1]? This rule is not an original Old nor Middle French inspiration. It has been implemented into French around the end of Renaissance. Before the … Continue reading Past Participle Agreement in French: Aristocracy of Complexity

Mega Shiva Ratri

Jeʈa ʈewi gelejjeloprewaho pawitestholêgelêwelembyo lembitambhujengo tungo malikamɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme--trinado weɖɖemerweyemchekaro chenɖetanɖewontenôtu noh Shiwoh Shiwom From out the forest of my hairsome water’s pouring on my neckwhere rosary snake pierces meand I make drummers hit the drums‘ɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme’then by myself I kick the groundthe rhythm through everyone issatisfied by Shiva Shiva Under the heel of my buskinshere you lie … Continue reading Mega Shiva Ratri

Χύτροι [Khü-troy] 2020

Fields of bones along his wayyour clinking skeletons arrayto follow the red man that you pray Seeds that died for long and greyand that he had shed on Thursdaylike a cyan lightening digging the clay form the new soldiers who’ll stayto help their fuzzy lord and preyall the men who avoided to gray Blood of … Continue reading Χύτροι [Khü-troy] 2020

Χόες [Kho-es] 2020

Make ready the ochre bride thatwe want to see on the harbourShe’s the one who brought the thread thathelped to slice up a bovine sir Now she’s doomed to be attached toa horned serpent filled with venomHear him laughing at his own crewcrossing the sea without boredom When the water chariot willanchor its nail to … Continue reading Χόες [Kho-es] 2020

Πιθοίγια [Pit-ho-ee-ghee-ah] 2020

Get on your thickest bootsand come with me alivewe may or not arriveto the cellar offshoots Brothers open the boxwith a knife filled with bloodlike a coffin of crudbarrels of our jocks It’s been more than one yearor aeons of our shameIt’s time for counterclaimthe demon sleeping here Do not pretend to fearthe gossips and … Continue reading Πιθοίγια [Pit-ho-ee-ghee-ah] 2020