Crush me like a bug

一 How are you?
一 Sweaty and about to take a shower.
一 Crush me like a bug, instead.
一 If you could be shrunk to a bug size, I would definitely do it. Slowly. Letting you feel my sneaker sole on your whole body. And hear the sound of your cracking bones and squishy flesh.
一 I could escape. How would you crush me? What would you do then?
一 You could try to escape. But I would spit on you. So you would be stuck on the ground and in my spit. You’d try to move but in the panic, you would get more and more stuck into my spit, like in a spider web. Then I would have all the time I want to slowly press my sneaker on you and slowly make your body flat. You would probably end up like a flat pancake stuck into my sole.
一 Why would you accept to crush me?
一 You are weak. You are exhausted. You are going to die soon, anyway. Better for you to finish your miserable life under my sneaker sole. And better for my divine glory to own your soul under my foot.


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