Throw into my eye

Throw into my eye the orange light that will show me
Show me the body’s daunting glory that will lower me
Lower me to the ground of my corpse’s evening time
Time whose lit up sky still like muscles straight
Straight up and articulate like some ashura’s feet moving
Moving neither fast nor slowly but on a white ground
Ground lightly dirty where I’m going to give up pride
Pride of no more having other new white hair
Heir of some doom whence I see the blue Lord coming
Coming as cyan flesh made of summer skies metal
Made all the season when will be heard his foot
Foot slowly brought closer and closer to me
Doomy am I and my weak shape in the mud
Mud where gleams the precious orange light
Ask him if he likes me as I worship him
Him that deadly giant steps get way too close
Closing my history as they will crush me here
Hero from the blue squashing my flesh and bones
On sunny evening when my foolish eyes will
Will see the last day and the last sky’s blue land
And the god’s body’s daunting glory that had lowered me

Jean-Sébastien Desnanot

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