Introduction to the Λήναια 2020

Through these four coming days, I have selected four texts by play writers from different regions of the world. I propose a meditation on each of them. The Lenaia are traditionally made of four days during which comedy and tragedy are honoured and bring us closer to Dionysus. This is the reason why the meditation selection is chosen among classical theatre extracts. I hope that this meditation can help celebrate life in its diversity and madness as it flows out from the divine members of Dionysus.

For the record, the Lenaia start this year on 8 January morning and end on 11 January midnight. I wish everyone beautiful Lenaia 2020. Καλὰ Λήναια !

1st Day : Life is A Dream by Calderón de la Barca

2nd Day : The Peony Pavilion by Tang Xianzu

3rd Day : The Death Of Tintagiles by Maurice Maeterlinck

4th Day : Electra by Sophocles

Picture Credits: Gary Deslauriers 〈Comedy and Tragedy〉

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