Rural Dionysia 2020

Dark are my blood and genitors
so they won’t ask me to obey
laws and morals of creditors
who are blind to the Milky Way

Phased are my flesh and my father’s
So is the Great Conjunction of
the Civilised with his feathers
and of the Wild with scales of dove

Joint are my mother and my soul
so much that oceans can’t divide
nor that preposterous social
and totalitarian guide

Dark are the vineyards in the sky
so they won’t see us smile for food
and all their laws and their outcry
will never bring us to their mood

Phased are the lords and their madness
while only serfs try to seduce
And only rules come from sadness
when only joy avoids the use

Joint are the parents and the son
as long as they slash off the king
and as they believe in no one
among the priests from any wing

In tune is my voice with the stars
with all the past patricianhoods
with thousands of years of memoirs
with noble fauns of many woods

Jean-Sébastien Desnanot

Picture: National Archaeological Museum of Taranto
Birth of Dionysus

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