Creators I like

Here are some few channels and websites whose authors I really like, but because they don’t fit in my personal activities, I put them apart on this page. I believe the world should know about them, so I personally support their websites, blogs or channels. Some of them might be very famous and other ones not. You might enjoy learning about them. Consider checking about their artistic or cultural work.


Valérie Denglos – Maestra Valérie Dengloslanguage teacher training

Craig Peters – Ernst Fechtentraditional and medieval fencing

Simon Patton – Chinaman Creekpoetry and Cantonese translation


Fennec des Sables – Une goutte de sable dans le désertpsychology and human sciences (in French)

Alexandre Millon – Literature website (in French)

Pr. Norbert Sclippa – his page on Academiahis entry on AmazonStudies on literature and philosophy


Allan VermeerFrench singer

Harmonic Delusion by Rachel Valton – experimental music with cello, voice and electronic

方皓玟 Charmaine FongHong Kong singer

Dani FernándezSpanish singer

Leon Faun Italian singer


Entertainment in French

Entertainment in Spanish

Entertainment in other languages

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