National Security Law Enforcement on Hong Kong

This references’ page aims at gathering links to articles for the understanding of the new 國家安全法 (National Security Law) enforcement on Hong Kong by the Chinese Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China which has decided, in May 2020, to narrow the legal gap between the two so-called systems of the PRC and the local government of Hong Kong, resulting in threats against the rule of law in Hong Kong, its sovereignty and its citizens political freedom of speech and of action.

22 May 2020 – ‘La Chine veut signer « l’arrêt de mort » de Hong Kong’, La Croix (French)

23 May 2020 – ‘The Infinite Heartbreak of Loving Hong Kong’, The Nation

24 May 2020 – ‘Beijing to impose Hong Kong security laws ‘‘without delay’’’, The Guardian

24 May 2020 – ‘Police fire tear gas and make 180 arrests as Hongkongers rally against national security law’, HKFP

24 May 2020 – 香港蘋果Facebook Live喺銅鑼灣又喺灣仔 (Cantonese Apple Daily Live in Causeway Bay and Wan Chai)

24 May 2020 – ‘À Hongkong, des milliers de personnes manifestent contre le projet de loi sur la sécurité imposé par la Chine’, Le Monde (French)

28 May 2020 – ‘China vetoes UN meeting request over Hong Kong’, AFP

4 June 2020 – Candlelight demonstration for Tiananmen massacre commemoration in Hong Kong while street demos have been forbidden by social distancing rules. Social Wall for #6431truth.

8 June 2020 – ‘Japan hopes to draft G7 formin statement on China security legislation on Hong Kong’, Reuters

30 June 2020 – ‘Beijing unanimously passes national security law for Hong Kong as Chief Exec. Carrie Lam evades questions’, Hong Kong Free Press

30 June 2020 – ‘National security law: tough new reality for Hong Kong as offenders face maximum sentence of life in jail’, South China Morning Post

1st of July 2020 – ‘Explainer: 10 things to know about Hong Kong’s national security law – new crimes, procedures and agencies’, Hong Kong Free Press

1st of July 2020 – ‘Hong Kong security law: 300 arrests, tear gas, pepper balls and water cannon as protesters ignore police ban’, Hong Kong Free Press

19 July 2020 – ‘La gauche française soutient-elle vraiment Hong Kong ?’, Usbek et Rica (French)

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