Rural Dionysia 2020

Dark are my blood and genitorsso they won’t ask me to obeylaws and morals of creditorswho are blind to the Milky Way Phased are my flesh and my father’sSo is the Great Conjunction ofthe Civilised with his feathersand of the Wild with scales of dove Joint are my mother and my soulso much that oceans … Continue reading Rural Dionysia 2020

Christmas · Saturnalia · Noël · Navidad

NOTE: The following post is not an opinion but a didactic post for students, previously published on Lamptēr Glossōn and republished here. Malls and public places are covered with garlands and decorated trees. Maybe at home, in your own place, your living-room has been prepared now for the celebrations of December. And apart from the … Continue reading Christmas · Saturnalia · Noël · Navidad

Shatin New Town Plaza’s Burlesque Mercenaries

Compared with Festival Walk shopping mall in Kowloon Tong which, for some deliciously elfish conjuncture’s reason, has been closed down just on time before Christmas after a fire had been lit up by protesters, New Town Plaza shopping mall in Shatin, traditionally more humble than the latter, has been upgraded to a commercial fortress level. … Continue reading Shatin New Town Plaza’s Burlesque Mercenaries