Samonios 21

Between stalks of grassPhosphorescent greenIn a dark clearingWith air cold as glass Hear the sound of bonesClicking with the chillStarting a quiet drillLike ossicle stones You mustBewareOf theFact thatAppearance is not always truth my friend Behind the cold gravesShady shapes in brownHoods are kneeling downWith lamenting waves See the parias’ tearsFalling for citiesWhose hypocrisiesHave burnt … Continue reading Samonios 21

Have I been sincere when I took vows with the jesuits?

The question in my title will not, I hope, be without any spicy taste for those who are sensitive to double meaning expressions. Between 2009 and 2012, I have lived three years in the jesuit province of France, just before the French speaking provinces of Western Europe have been unified. I don’t hide any part … Continue reading Have I been sincere when I took vows with the jesuits?

Against the Galileans – Fragment 21

But now, against these things, consider ours. Ours say that the creator is the common father and king of everyone, and by him have been divided the remaining parts of nations to ethnarch and protecting gods of cities, among which each one leads his own division as his own family. Thus, when everything is achieved … Continue reading Against the Galileans – Fragment 21