Introduction to the Lenaia Festival 2021

As each year, for the Lenaia, the tradition is now to introduce an excerpt from modern or classical drama for each day during the four days festival. The Lenaia Festival is held during the month of Lenaion (or Gamelion according to cities and traditions) in honour of Dionysus, the god of drama. Plays and theatre … Continue reading Introduction to the Lenaia Festival 2021

Where does January come from?

NOTE: The following post is not an opinion but a didactic post for students, previously published on Lamptēr Glossōn and republished here. Numa PompiliusCour CarréeLe Louvre, Paris It is the first month of the year in the Gregorian calendar but it has not always been this way. The month of January was added to the Roman calendar … Continue reading Where does January come from?

All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods

Because the celebration of 重陽節 Chung Yeung [1] usually happens in fall, around September or October, and because it bears so much connections with the questions human beings ask themselves about death, I can never avoid each year, to compare it with European fall festivals that celebrate the dead. In Southern and Western European countries, … Continue reading All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods

Daai-Hak-Tin [大黑天] : The Spirit behind the Dark Gods of Hong Kong Streets

Around ten years ago, in a time when I was lost between different parishes, between good and evil, between the spirit and the matter, between Jesus and Shiva, and between Cronus and Dionysus, my godson and son of my sister, genuinely asked me that simple but hardly answerable question: “c’est quoi, ta religion?” or, if … Continue reading Daai-Hak-Tin [大黑天] : The Spirit behind the Dark Gods of Hong Kong Streets

Against the Galileans – Fragment 24

I am coming back to this [1], and how the god has mixed the languages [2] up. Moses gives for reason that [the god] was afraid [men] could do something against him, having finished [the construction of] an access for them to the sky, all of them having the same language and the same thinking … Continue reading Against the Galileans – Fragment 24