Octobre cathare, Novembre profane

De la cuisine d’un monastèreS’échappe un murmure d’agonieDes âmes aux confins du désertAyant troqué l’autonomiePour la paix d’une cité facticeSous les pavés la crypte ennemieClaustre les gentils et leurs fils Ô octobre cathare octobre de scrupulesMélodie des bâtards de ce vieux crépusculeEn capuche sont tes ombresDans tes landes aux bures sombres Sur la crête du … Continue reading Octobre cathare, Novembre profane

Samonios 21

Between stalks of grassPhosphorescent greenIn a dark clearingWith air cold as glass Hear the sound of bonesClicking with the chillStarting a quiet drillLike ossicle stones You mustBewareOf theFact thatAppearance is not always truth my friend Behind the cold gravesShady shapes in brownHoods are kneeling downWith lamenting waves See the parias’ tearsFalling for citiesWhose hypocrisiesHave burnt … Continue reading Samonios 21

All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods

Because the celebration of 重陽節 Chung Yeung [1] usually happens in fall, around September or October, and because it bears so much connections with the questions human beings ask themselves about death, I can never avoid each year, to compare it with European fall festivals that celebrate the dead. In Southern and Western European countries, … Continue reading All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods