Mégâ Çiva Râtri

Djeʈa ʈewi gueleddjeloprewaho pawitestholêguelêwelembyo lembitambhoudjengo toungo malikamɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme--trinado weɖɖemerweyemtchekaro tchenɖetanɖewontenôtou noh Çiwoh Çiwom De la forêt de mes cheveuxde l’eau descend mouille mon couoù s’insinue serpent rosaireet je fais taper le tambour‘demeddemeddemeddeme’puis je frappe de mes pieds d’hommele rythme par lequel tous sontrassasiés de Çiva Çiva Sous le talon de mes cothurneste voilà prisonnier, humainoù tu … Continue reading Mégâ Çiva Râtri

The Bacchae – 4th Day of Lenaia 2021

When the god of madness entered his native city of Thebes, expecting that his royal family would acknowledge him, he was rejected by king Pentheus, by the king’s mother Agave and by his aunts, but not by Cadmus, grandfather of both the god and the king. Angry, the god introduced his cult of madness to … Continue reading The Bacchae – 4th Day of Lenaia 2021

The Imaginary Invalid – 3rd Day of Lenaia 2021

When Argan – a complete hypocondriac – decides to make the daughter of his defunct wife, marry a young but unattractive medical doctor, he acknowledges that his goal is personal and selfish: he’s afraid of sickness and death, and wants to have a doctor in his family, so he can be assured of getting the … Continue reading The Imaginary Invalid – 3rd Day of Lenaia 2021

Shakuntalā – 2nd Day of Lenaia 2021

Since the Mahābhārata epic, Shakuntalā is famous as the girl who married king Dushyanta. In Kālidāsa’s work, she is an abandoned girl who encounters the king during his hunt. After they marry, king Dushyanta gives Shakuntalā a ring as a proof of their wedding when she will join him in the capital. Unfortunately, a curse … Continue reading Shakuntalā – 2nd Day of Lenaia 2021

No Exit – 1st Day of Lenaia 2021

When Inez, Estelle and Garcin arrive in hell, they are perplexed by the fact that it doesn’t look like what people say. No fire, no devils, no torture. They have just been locked up together, in an ordinary living-room, where apparently, they will have to stay forever. No monsters are here to boil them or … Continue reading No Exit – 1st Day of Lenaia 2021

Introduction to the Lenaia Festival 2021

As each year, for the Lenaia, the tradition is now to introduce an excerpt from modern or classical drama for each day during the four days festival. The Lenaia Festival is held during the month of Lenaion (or Gamelion according to cities and traditions) in honour of Dionysus, the god of drama. Plays and theatre … Continue reading Introduction to the Lenaia Festival 2021

Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Cette poussière grise qui rendles pantalons noirs blancsles pantalons blancs noirset sur ce banc de poudreprès des marcassins bleuset sous les palmiers rougesAvalokitesvarcrie son silence d’espoiravec ses mille bras d’or Cet enfant vieux qui pensesa mère sur un nuageson père sur un éclairet sur ce béton grisprès des cœurs au lointainet sous la terre de … Continue reading Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

「For the kingdom of the skies is like a human [1] landowner [2] who went out as the morning [3] to hire workers for his vineyard. Having agreed with them one denarius per day, he sent them to his vineyard. And having gone out around the third hour, he saw other ones standing idle on … Continue reading Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

Mega Shiva Ratri

Jeʈa ʈewi gelejjeloprewaho pawitestholêgelêwelembyo lembitambhujengo tungo malikamɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme--trinado weɖɖemerweyemchekaro chenɖetanɖewontenôtu noh Shiwoh Shiwom From out the forest of my hairsome water’s pouring on my neckwhere rosary snake pierces meand I make drummers hit the drums‘ɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme’then by myself I kick the groundthe rhythm through everyone issatisfied by Shiva Shiva Under the heel of my buskinshere you lie … Continue reading Mega Shiva Ratri

Electra – 4th and Last Day of Lenaia 2020

Electra by Sophocles is the last text chosen for the fourth day of the Lenaia. I couldn’t avoid ending with one of the traditional winners of an original Lenaia’s prize. The daughter of the murdered king Agamemnon is kept hopeless in Mycenae. She’s however waiting for the return of her brother Orestes who would provide … Continue reading Electra – 4th and Last Day of Lenaia 2020