Nāgānanda – Third Day of the Lenaia 2022

In the classical work Nāgānanda supposedly written by emperor Harṣavardhana, the conventional story of a love encounter between a king and a princess brings us to the Malaya Mountains where princess Malayavatī is musically worshipping her goddess Gaurī. We learn that the goddess visited her in her dreams to tell her she would marry the … Continue reading Nāgānanda – Third Day of the Lenaia 2022

Rural Dionysia 2020

Dark are my blood and genitorsso they won’t ask me to obeylaws and morals of creditorswho are blind to the Milky Way Phased are my flesh and my father’sSo is the Great Conjunction ofthe Civilised with his feathersand of the Wild with scales of dove Joint are my mother and my soulso much that oceans … Continue reading Rural Dionysia 2020

The Peony Pavilion – 2nd Day of Lenaia 2020

The text I selected for the second day of Lenaia is taken from an adaptation of The Peony Pavilion by Tang Xianzu for the Hong Kong scene of Cantonese opera. The strength of the story lies in an encounter which is actually not a real encounter. Lai Neung is dreaming for the first time of … Continue reading The Peony Pavilion – 2nd Day of Lenaia 2020