Octobre cathare, Novembre profane

De la cuisine d’un monastèreS’échappe un murmure d’agonieDes âmes aux confins du désertAyant troqué l’autonomiePour la paix d’une cité facticeSous les pavés la crypte ennemieClaustre les gentils et leurs fils Ô octobre cathare octobre de scrupulesMélodie des bâtards de ce vieux crépusculeEn capuche sont tes ombresDans tes landes aux bures sombres Sur la crête du … Continue reading Octobre cathare, Novembre profane

All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods

Because the celebration of 重陽節 Chung Yeung [1] usually happens in fall, around September or October, and because it bears so much connections with the questions human beings ask themselves about death, I can never avoid each year, to compare it with European fall festivals that celebrate the dead. In Southern and Western European countries, … Continue reading All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods


Fields of bones along his wayyour clinking skeletons arrayto follow the red man that you pray Seeds that died for long and greyand that he had shed on Thursdaylike a cyan lightening digging the clay form the new soldiers who’ll stayto help their fuzzy lord and preyall the men who avoided to gray Blood of … Continue reading Chytroi


Make ready the ochre bride thatwe want to see on the harbourShe’s the one who brought the thread thathelped to slice up a bovine sir Now she’s doomed to be attached toa horned serpent filled with venomHear him laughing at his own crewcrossing the sea without boredom When the water chariot willanchor its nail to … Continue reading Choës


Get on your thickest bootsand come with me alivewe may or not arriveto the cellar offshoots Brothers open the boxwith a knife filled with bloodlike a coffin of crudbarrels of our jocks It’s been more than one yearor aeons of our shameIt’s time to counterclaimthe demon sleeping here Do not pretend to fearthe gossips and … Continue reading Pithoigia

Introduction to the Λήναια 2020

Through these four coming days, I have selected four texts by play writers from different regions of the world. I propose a meditation on each of them. The Lenaia are traditionally made of four days during which comedy and tragedy are honoured and bring us closer to Dionysus. This is the reason why the meditation … Continue reading Introduction to the Λήναια 2020