Against the Galileans – Fragment 22

It is obvious then, that human beings [1] nature has customized specific laws [to each nation] to itself, political [2] and human laws among those by whom love of mankind has been nourrished more than anything [3], wild and inhuman [laws] among those whose personality’s nature is, since their beginning and in their inner side, … Continue reading Against the Galileans – Fragment 22

Against the Galileans – Fragment 21

But now, against these things, consider ours. Ours say that the creator is the common father and king of everyone, and by him have been divided the remaining parts of nations to ethnarch and protecting gods of cities, among which each one leads his own division as his own family. Thus, when everything is achieved … Continue reading Against the Galileans – Fragment 21

Against the Galileans – Fragment 17

On these things, the god is said malicious. Indeed, after he saw the man taking his part of the intelligence, in order that, he says, he wouldn’t taste the wood of life, he sent him out of the garden while precisely saying: [“Behold, Adam has become like one of us through knowing the beautiful [1] … Continue reading Against the Galileans – Fragment 17