Tartuffe – 4th Day of the Lenaia 2022

Dorine, Mariane’s personal maid, is not fooled by the fake devotion and piety of Tartuffe, while Mariane’s father is duped by the hypocrite and unable to see through his lies. In the second scene of the third act, you will find one of the most famous lines in Molière’s play Tartuffe, that most French people … Continue reading Tartuffe – 4th Day of the Lenaia 2022

Samonios 21

Between stalks of grassPhosphorescent greenIn a dark clearingWith air cold as glass Hear the sound of bonesClicking with the chillStarting a quiet drillLike ossicle stones You mustBewareOf theFact thatAppearance is not always truth my friend Behind the cold gravesShady shapes in brownHoods are kneeling downWith lamenting waves See the parias’ tearsFalling for citiesWhose hypocrisiesHave burnt … Continue reading Samonios 21

L’œuf et la lune pour la mi-automne

Célébrée non seulement dans les pays de tradition han, mais aussi avec quelques spécificités nationales au Japon, la ‘fête de la mi-automne’, comme son nom semble le démentir, survient très souvent au début de l’automne. Nous parlons là d’un découpage selon le calendrier romain dans les zones tempérées de l’hémisphère nord. Or, celle qu’on nomme … Continue reading L’œuf et la lune pour la mi-automne

Seder Masochism – 4th Day of Urban Dionysia

The Διονύσια τὰ ἀστικά ‘Urban Dionysia’, are the last Dionysian celebrations of the Hellenic lunar calendar. They close the yearly events in boreal spring - austral fall - with other rituals, dances and performances. Each day of the Dionysia, I introduce, with only one sentence, a piece of performance art from anyone in the world, … Continue reading Seder Masochism – 4th Day of Urban Dionysia

Mégâ Çiva Râtri

Djeʈa ʈewi gueleddjeloprewaho pawitestholêguelêwelembyo lembitambhoudjengo toungo malikamɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme--trinado weɖɖemerweyemtchekaro tchenɖetanɖewontenôtou noh Çiwoh Çiwom De la forêt de mes cheveuxde l’eau descend mouille mon couoù s’insinue serpent rosaireet je fais taper le tambour‘demeddemeddemeddeme’puis je frappe de mes pieds d’hommele rythme par lequel tous sontrassasiés de Çiva Çiva Sous le talon de mes cothurneste voilà prisonnier, humainoù tu … Continue reading Mégâ Çiva Râtri

Śaṅkhācārya’s name and story

Mahāprajñāpāramitāśāstra One of the previous lives of the Buddha शाक्यमुनि Śākyamuni, was a life of a ऋषि ṛṣi – a wise man – according to the Treatise of the great virtue of wisdom, the महाप्रज्ञापारमिताशास्त्र Mahāprajñāpāramitāśāstra written by Nāgārjuna, a famous Mahāyāna author and – theologian if I could say – at least thinker. The … Continue reading Śaṅkhācārya’s name and story

Rural Dionysia 2020

Dark are my blood and genitorsso they won’t ask me to obeylaws and morals of creditorswho are blind to the Milky Way Phased are my flesh and my father’sSo is the Great Conjunction ofthe Civilised with his feathersand of the Wild with scales of dove Joint are my mother and my soulso much that oceans … Continue reading Rural Dionysia 2020

Christmas · Saturnalia · Noël · Navidad

NOTE: The following post is not an opinion but a didactic post for students, previously published on Lamptēr Glossōn and republished here. Malls and public places are covered with garlands and decorated trees. Maybe at home, in your own place, your living-room has been prepared now for the celebrations of December. And apart from the … Continue reading Christmas · Saturnalia · Noël · Navidad

Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Cette poussière grise qui rendles pantalons noirs blancsles pantalons blancs noirset sur ce banc de poudreprès des marcassins bleuset sous les palmiers rougesAvalokitesvarcrie son silence d’espoiravec ses mille bras d’or Cet enfant vieux qui pensesa mère sur un nuageson père sur un éclairet sur ce béton grisprès des cœurs au lointainet sous la terre de … Continue reading Victoire de Kâlabhairav

All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods

Because the celebration of 重陽節 Chung Yeung [1] usually happens in fall, around September or October, and because it bears so much connections with the questions human beings ask themselves about death, I can never avoid each year, to compare it with European fall festivals that celebrate the dead. In Southern and Western European countries, … Continue reading All Saints Day, Chung Yeung, Ghosts and Gods