College Boy – 6th Day of Urban Dionysia

The Διονύσια τὰ ἀστικά ‘Urban Dionysia’, are the last Dionysian celebrations of the Hellenic lunar calendar. They close the yearly events in boreal spring - austral fall - with other rituals, dances and performances. Each day of Dionysia, I introduce in a few words, a piece of performance art from anyone in the world, at … Continue reading College Boy – 6th Day of Urban Dionysia

Tartuffe – 4th Day of the Lenaia 2022

Dorine, Mariane’s personal maid, is not fooled by the fake devotion and piety of Tartuffe, while Mariane’s father is duped by the hypocrite and unable to see through his lies. In the second scene of the third act, you will find one of the most famous lines in Molière’s play Tartuffe, that most French people … Continue reading Tartuffe – 4th Day of the Lenaia 2022

Samonios 21

Between stalks of grassPhosphorescent greenIn a dark clearingWith air cold as glass Hear the sound of bonesClicking with the chillStarting a quiet drillLike ossicle stones You mustBewareOf theFact thatAppearance is not always truth my friend Behind the cold gravesShady shapes in brownHoods are kneeling downWith lamenting waves See the parias’ tearsFalling for citiesWhose hypocrisiesHave burnt … Continue reading Samonios 21

Rural Dionysia 2020

Dark are my blood and genitorsso they won’t ask me to obeylaws and morals of creditorswho are blind to the Milky Way Phased are my flesh and my father’sSo is the Great Conjunction ofthe Civilised with his feathersand of the Wild with scales of dove Joint are my mother and my soulso much that oceans … Continue reading Rural Dionysia 2020

Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Cette poussière grise qui rendles pantalons noirs blancsles pantalons blancs noirset sur ce banc de poudreprès des marcassins bleuset sous les palmiers rougesAvalokitesvarcrie son silence d’espoiravec ses mille bras d’or Cet enfant vieux qui pensesa mère sur un nuageson père sur un éclairet sur ce béton grisprès des cœurs au lointainet sous la terre de … Continue reading Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

「For the kingdom of the skies is like a human [1] landowner [2] who went out as the morning [3] to hire workers for his vineyard. Having agreed with them one denarius per day, he sent them to his vineyard. And having gone out around the third hour, he saw other ones standing idle on … Continue reading Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

Holy Thursday in Times of coronavirus

This year, on most of the planet, Easter takes place in peculiar circumstances. I don’t know what celebrations will be expected within the different existing churches, nor the festivities planned by the Catholic church. But what may be an object of opportune meditation for everyone in the situation of the Wuhan virus global outbreak, is … Continue reading Holy Thursday in Times of coronavirus

Past Participle Agreement in French: Aristocracy of Complexity

Almost every year, we hear or read the same question among French speakers: should we keep that complex grammar rule about past participle agreement when used with a passé composé [1]? This rule is not an original Old nor Middle French inspiration. It was implemented into French around the end of the Renaissance. Before the … Continue reading Past Participle Agreement in French: Aristocracy of Complexity


Fields of bones along his wayyour clinking skeletons arrayto follow the red man that you pray Seeds that died for long and greyand that he had shed on Thursdaylike a cyan lightening digging the clay form the new soldiers who’ll stayto help their fuzzy lord and preyall the men who avoided to gray Blood of … Continue reading Chytroi


Make ready the ochre bride thatwe want to see on the harbourShe’s the one who brought the thread thathelped to slice up a bovine sir Now she’s doomed to be attached toa horned serpent filled with venomHear him laughing at his own crewcrossing the sea without boredom When the water chariot willanchor its nail to … Continue reading Choës