Holi – 6th Day of Urban Dionysia

The Διονύσια τὰ ἀστικά ‘Urban Dionysia’, are the last Dionysian celebrations of the Hellenic lunar calendar. They close the yearly events in boreal spring - austral fall - with other rituals, dances and performances. Each day of the Dionysia, I introduce, with only one sentence, a piece of performance art from anyone in the world, … Continue reading Holi – 6th Day of Urban Dionysia

Mégâ Çiva Râtri

Djeʈa ʈewi gueleddjeloprewaho pawitestholêguelêwelembyo lembitambhoudjengo toungo malikamɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme--trinado weɖɖemerweyemtchekaro tchenɖetanɖewontenôtou noh Çiwoh Çiwom De la forêt de mes cheveuxde l’eau descend mouille mon couoù s’insinue serpent rosaireet je fais taper le tambour‘demeddemeddemeddeme’puis je frappe de mes pieds d’hommele rythme par lequel tous sontrassasiés de Çiva Çiva Sous le talon de mes cothurneste voilà prisonnier, humainoù tu … Continue reading Mégâ Çiva Râtri


Quand ce cerveau se déchirera encore et que les tremblements et les spasmes ressurgiront, quand ils envahiront mon corps et mon cou, quand ils viendront me rappeler que je suis de la boue et que ma chair putréfiée ira à nouveau nourrir la vigne pour que le cycle recommence, quand les vers recommenceront à entrer … Continue reading Janus

Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Cette poussière grise qui rendles pantalons noirs blancsles pantalons blancs noirset sur ce banc de poudreprès des marcassins bleuset sous les palmiers rougesAvalokitesvarcrie son silence d’espoiravec ses mille bras d’or Cet enfant vieux qui pensesa mère sur un nuageson père sur un éclairet sur ce béton grisprès des cœurs au lointainet sous la terre de … Continue reading Victoire de Kâlabhairav

Mega Shiva Ratri

Jeʈa ʈewi gelejjeloprewaho pawitestholêgelêwelembyo lembitambhujengo tungo malikamɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme--trinado weɖɖemerweyemchekaro chenɖetanɖewontenôtu noh Shiwoh Shiwom From out the forest of my hairsome water’s pouring on my neckwhere rosary snake pierces meand I make drummers hit the drums‘ɖemeɖɖemeɖɖemeɖɖeme’then by myself I kick the groundthe rhythm through everyone issatisfied by Shiva Shiva Under the heel of my buskinshere you lie … Continue reading Mega Shiva Ratri


Fields of bones along his wayyour clinking skeletons arrayto follow the red man that you pray Seeds that died for long and greyand that he had shed on Thursdaylike a cyan lightening digging the clay form the new soldiers who’ll stayto help their fuzzy lord and preyall the men who avoided to gray Blood of … Continue reading Chytroi


Make ready the ochre bride thatwe want to see on the harbourShe’s the one who brought the thread thathelped to slice up a bovine sir Now she’s doomed to be attached toa horned serpent filled with venomHear him laughing at his own crewcrossing the sea without boredom When the water chariot willanchor its nail to … Continue reading Choës


Get on your thickest bootsand come with me alivewe may or not arriveto the cellar offshoots Brothers open the boxwith a knife filled with bloodlike a coffin of crudbarrels of our jocks It’s been more than one yearor aeons of our shameIt’s time for counterclaimthe demon sleeping here Do not pretend to fearthe gossips and … Continue reading Pithoigia

Shatin New Town Plaza’s Burlesque Mercenaries

Compared with Festival Walk shopping mall in Kowloon Tong which, for some deliciously elfish conjuncture’s reason, has been closed down just on time before Christmas after a fire had been lit up by protesters, New Town Plaza shopping mall in Shatin, traditionally more humble than the latter, has been upgraded to a commercial fortress level. … Continue reading Shatin New Town Plaza’s Burlesque Mercenaries