I am not making any money on WordPress advertising. I chose to let the platform advertise for itself while offering me this place so I can express myself. While I still own the material, I consider texts and videos that I publish here as a free contribution. Since I’m not responsible for the advertising, if you ever see an ad for which you have some good reasons to think I would find it inappropriate on my blog, please, take a screenshot of the ad and send me your report anytime. I will appreciate your help.

Since some people however asked me for a way they could send me tips or payment through, I resolved to let people know about my PayPal detail here: You can find this information anytime on my Linktree, by clicking on the signature at the bottom of this page.

I have my own work, teaching, translating and private courses management. So, if you really want to help, consider helping students to know and reach me, instead of giving me anything. I teach languages, and you can refer to my 【Lamptēr Glossōn blog】, so you will know what I offer on an actual professional level.

I’m planning to make more language-related slogans for online items to buy. If you have any request, please, do ask me.

As Luke’s gospel put it, 「ἄξιος γὰρ ὁ ἐργάτης τοῦ μισθοῦ αὐτοῦ」 – the worker indeed, deserves his wages. Thus, I don’t believe in gifts and I prefer a healthy exchange, but whatever option you choose, please, never send anything without telling me who you are, for I would really want to thank you in return.

Thanks for your concern and your interest.